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ItalSpirits is a marketing, events, and brand activation agency, specialized in providing fresh, innovative beverage consultancy.

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Through a vast international network, we help brands build strong lasting relationships with top hotels, bars, restaurants and bartenders. We are the leaders in this field.


Our brand advocacy process amplifies brand awareness and increases sales through meaningful, memorable events that place your products in the hands and minds of your target consumers.


We help brands to identify a strategy, invent, prototype and commercialise new products, drinks, services and experiences in order to realise their potential in unique and innovative ways.


We create bespoke, effective digital, print and social media campaigns, increasing our clients’ brand  awareness, and helping them connect with their target audience.



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Italspirits – For the love of Italy

Dear friends, 

In this very troubled moment around the world, our industry is also suffering as never before, and we need to be strong and support each other. We have come together on many occasions to promote and praise our beloved beautiful Italy and it’s now the time to do so even more. 

Our country needs us, our hospitality community needs us.

Through the Italspirits Instagram account we will donate €1,000 to the hospitality community for the next 10 weeks, launching a weekly competition “Italspirits X For the Love of Italy” with the following requirements: 

For the chance to win €100 cash voucher (via PayPal only) all you need to do is: 

create a cocktail inspired by Italy (history, produce, Italian ingredients)

-take a picture and posted it on your Instagram account

write the cocktail recipe, what is the inspiration and how this supports Italy

Tag @italspirits #ForTheLoveOfItaly #staystrong 

One entry per bartender, the winner will be selected by the Italspirits team and announced every Tuesday, T&Cs apply. Must be 21+ for US. Weekly Challenge from Mondays to Sundays, from 30th March to 7th June 2020. Winners can donate part of the cash price through the Italian charity foundation or to their local charities supporting their Country. 


Giuseppe Gallo 


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What to drink in your city? Top bars in France where you can enjoy an Italicus cocktail

Christina Monaco, Brand Ambassador of Italicus in France advised where to go and what to drink in the most romantic city of the world, Paris.

What do you think about the cocktail scene of France and how changed in the last 5 years?

The Parisian cocktail scene had a drastic evolution since the last 5 years, indeed there is, first of all, a boom of new openings with different concepts focusing on music, art, or typical concepts like 100% French Spirits or Mediterranean inspiration. 

It’s now about creating an individual independent identity around cocktails, exit the « negroni type of cocktail bar » or « the cocktails for bartender » we can now enjoy cool drinks, simple efficient and with real character, not only around trendy spirits but enhancing French terroir. 

Sustainability has a massive impact on cocktails, optimize fruits and vegetable use the entire resource with fermentation or a commune work with kitchen and bar, then what we call « Shake local » sourcing products from the area, within a matter of avoiding massive big brands or utilise ingredients like « verjus » from the region of Cognac leaving on the side the 99 cents lime.

Regarding drinks, the evolution is tending on low abv ( Spritz is now the #1 cocktail ) or spirits and mixers ( Mules). Tonic is one of the ingredients that is now a must-have in many flavors due to our proximity with Belgium and Spain influencer in terms of Gin consumption

Evolution is constant, bar, bartenders and cocktails are now offering a mindful way of drinking and still looking forward to the next step in terms of innovation and creativity 

What are the best bars where to sip an Italicus cocktail?   

Le Calbar Paris

Cocktail name: Dope as F***

  • Grapefruit Infused Vodka 4 CL
  • Italicus 2 CL
  • Lime 1 CL
  • Cranberry 2CL
  • Black Tea Foam Topping 
  • Timuth Pepper Garnish

Inspiration: The Calbar is hosting lots of different types of palates, the Parisian customers love to feel like they are drinking a classic with a Twist, Cosmopolitan is one of the most popular cocktails in France, this version is peppery, citrusy and refreshing.

Cafe moderne Paris

Cocktail name: Sweet Mediterranean Balad

  • 4cl Italicus
  • 2cl Fino Sherry
  • 1cl Oloroso sherry
  • 1cl Verjus
  • 1barspoon Olive Brine

Inspiration: Art of Italicus France Winner Melissa Coutant is sharing her inspiration around a low ABV drink with Mediterranean ingredients, smooth, sweet and complete with a large Olive symbol of Aperitivo, then verjus is getting more trendy as fits cocktails as we are living in the homeland of grapes and wines.

L’Officine Lyon

Cocktail name: Le Grand Monaco

  • Italicus 1,5 CL
  • Gin 4,5 CL
  • Hibiscus 1,5 CL
  • Lemon 2,5 CL
  • Complete with Champagne on top

Inspiration: Monaco is a classic Aperitivo in France composed of Beer, Lemonade and Grenadine syrup, Marc Bonneton version is more luxury adding Champagne, Italicus and fresh component such as hibiscus, botanical Gin, the perfect aperitif.



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Class bar awards 2020

Celebrating the best and finest talent in the UK bar industry at the 2020 Class Bar Awards from EartH in Dalston, London.

16 winners and 1 Lifetime Achievement award.

A special thanks to all sponsors and congratulations to all finalists​ and ​in particular, the winners:

1- BARTENDER OF THE YEAR – Pippa Guy, London


3- EMERGING BARTENDER OF THE YEAR – Sam Boevey, London Cocktail Club, London

4- SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES AWARD – Terroir Tapas, Bournemouth

5- HOTEL BAR OF THE YEAR – American Bar, The Savoy, London

6- FRONT OF HOUSE STAR OF THE YEAR – Georgi Radev, Laki Kane, London

7- COCKTAIL OF THE YEAR – Mirror Margarita, Hacha, London

8- DRINKS MENU OF THE YEAR – Artesian, London

9- BAR FOOD MENU OF THE YEAR – Tayēr + Elementary, London

10- BAR INNOVATOR(S) OF THE YEAR – Monica Berg & Alex Kratena, Tayēr + Elementary, London

11- BAR MANAGER OF THE YEAR – Anna Sebastian, Artesian, London

12- SPECIALIST BAR OF THE YEAR – Black Rock, London

13- BAR BACK STAR OF THE YEAR – Giovanni Marenco Rodriguez, Sexy Fish, London

14- BAR OF THE YEAR OF THE YEAR – Swift, London

15- RESTAURANT BAR OF THE YEAR – Hawksmoor Spitalfield, London

16- NEW BAR OF THE YEAR – Kwānt, London

17- LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – Tomas Estes, Portland


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Top drink trends in 2020…

What are we drinking in 2020? What are the trends this year?

Following the report provided by Nielsen CGA, there are nine categories of alcoholic beverages to observe. The survey revealed we will be drinking bubbly and less sugar!

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