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The Savory Hunter, Los Angeles, USA

Martini Rosato – US Launch

Giuseppe Gallo, the Global Brand Ambassador for Martini, came to the US last week from his home base in London, to help launch the new Martini Rosato vermouth. At Copa D’Oro, Giuseppe discussed the origins …

The new Absolut Wild Tea

For thousands of years, oolong—or ―black dragon,  tea has inspired kings and cultures all over the world.

Now, its dark tones and mysterious richness have been introduced to the wild, delicate character of Nordic elderflower and harmonized with a smooth, …


Following the Vermouth revival in US, in collaboration with cocktail historian Jared Brown and Anastatia Miller, we like sharing with you few anecdotes about the most iconic cocktail in the world :

The Dry Martini



Revival of Vermouth in the US

You’ll likely spy bottles of niche vermouths at the best cocktails bars from New York to Los Angeles. Such is the case at Milk & Honey, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where house bartenders have developed an appreciation …

Chase Marmalade Vodka

….Demand for marmalade vodka sparks waiting list

English vodka brand Chase has reported a “massive” waiting list for its limited edition marmalade vodka.

In the wake of recent figures suggesting that the British ate 2.5 million fewer jars of marmalade …

… Introducing the marijuana-spiked Canna Cola

The next generation of giddiness-inducing beverages is coming down the pike in the form of Canna Cola, a marijuana-infused soda brand designed to be sold at medical marijuana dispensaries in the U.S.

The brainchild of California-based commercial artist Clay Butler, …

Fabulous Magazine

Giuseppe was featured on Fabulous Magazine in December making two unusual  Cristhams Cocktails.

The online feature was also publicized within Fabulous magazine, directing readers to the website and includes a video of Giuseppe making the MARTINI cocktails.

Click the link …

Do we really like Aromatic Bitters ?

I love to use Aromatic Bitters in my cocktails…but what `s it ???

1.  Aromatic bitter is an alcoholic beverage that contains herbal essences, has a bitter or bittersweet flavor, and is typically flavored with citrus.

2.  Bitters are principally …

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