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Jack Daniel’s Tennessee released a new honey whiskey.

​Steeped in tradition, Jack Daniel’s doesn’t debut new liquors often, but the famous Tennessee distillery is rolling out a new whiskey in April: Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey.

How does it taste? Well, really, actually pretty good. 

“In every sense of …

Australia Trends set by Matteo Fabbris

I have had the pleasure to meet a young guy in London while ago, thistly of knowledge and skills for this art, the art of Bartending, and I see his improvement step by step in the last few years. Say …

Vermouth & Bitter

Part 2

We can claim that the introduction of alcohol (fortified) into the wine in order to preserve it was done by Arnaud de Villeneuve, adding at half stage of fermentation in order to preserve some of the natural sugar.…

Vermouth & Bitters

I have recently facing a speculation about originality of the Italian products and I decide to refresh the knowledge and history about Italian Vermouth & Bitters liqueurs.

Human being transform what Mother Nature makes.

Plants and herbs growing in different …

Pisco ready to take the world stage?


In a nutshell, pisco is the Peruvian or Chilean take on brandy (the two countries are virtually over war over which piscoIn a nutshell,

Made by distilling wine then bottling it without aging, pisco is a white spirit that last

Truth or Lies?

Help, save ourselves, save yourself! 

The Ego has arrived :  but be careful never lie to customers and colleagues.

The expertise has helped the bar culture to blossom, but also can be a downfall because few  showing off “bartenders”  are …

Brand Ambassador for MARTINI

“Would you like the opportunity to be the best you can be, really make a difference and have a great time doing it? We are currently looking for a talented industry professional to fill our newly created role of a …

Kammerling’s – Ginseng Spirit

Alex Kammerling, leading mixologist of the UK Bar scene and Ambassador for Grey Goose vodka, after 5 years of labour, have launch his own brand :

The Kammerling’s – Ginseng Spirit .


Kammerling’s is made in the same way as …

Flower-Based Liqueur Revives a French Classic

​Petaluma-based Tempus Fugit, maker of Gran Classico bitters and absinthes, has just released a 19th-century-style spirit, Liqueur de Violettes, in San Francisco. The colour’s a natural blue-pink (from the violets it’s made from, hand-harvested in the sunny Côte d’Azur).

It …

The Bitter Truth Elexir Krauter Liqueur

The new Bitter Truth creation is a style of mild amaro liqueur.

That alone makes it exciting, but the product is also worthwhile on its own merits.

Also known as Elixier  is a mild amaro style liqueur, and a good …

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