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A Mezcal bar boom is set to hit London after being a Mixologist best friend in NYC cocktail bars for the last few months, with the first UK bar dedicated to the Mexican distilled spirit having opened at Wahaca on …

Barcelona Cocktail scene

Barcelona is a city of visual and sonic ideals, from the waves of the Mediterranean lapping at its long stretches of beach and a consistently warm temperature to compliment, to a rich history and the inventive architecture and public parks …

Jacob’s Ghost White Whiskey

Beam, an American spirits company and owner of Jim Beam brand, has added a new white whiskey – Jacob’s Ghost – under the Jim Beam brand.

Crafted more than two centuries ago by the brand’s founding distiller Jacob Beam, the …

New York Bar Scene 2013

In recent years, a disturbing percentage of high-end cocktail bars have forgotten that drinking is supposed to be fun.

Luckily, the anti-blah backlash is under way. In New York for MCC, I’ve see brighter and less-filling cocktails served up more …

TALES of the Cocktail 2013 – Finalist

The time of the year that every cocktail gigs is waiting for has come and last night the top four finalists were announced for each category, of course everybody from the previous selection of 10 deserve to be there but …

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