05 May 2019

CAMILLE VIDAL launch “La Maison Wellness”; a wellness agency specialised in Mindful Drinking and Healthy Hedonist Lifestyles.

Better known as Madame St~Germain, Vidal has become recognised as one of the leading figures

05 May 2019

Better known as Madame St~Germain, Vidal has become recognised as one of the leading figures in the drinks industry sharing not only her passion and knowledge for cocktail culture and art of the aperitif but also empowering and training hundreds of bartenders and ambassadors around the world.


Her time in the brand saw her launch Les Femmes du Bar, a lady’s bartender club to support women in the industry, two cocktail books, How to Drink French Fluently and How to Spritz French Fluently in collaboration with PUNCH Magazine as well as training hundreds of bartenders and building an army of St Germain brand ambassadors around the world culminating in her recent recognition as Best InternationalBrand Ambassador at Tales of the Cocktails in 2017.

As a native to the south of France Camille has been working in the hospitality industry for the past 15 years. From waiting tables in Lyon, Europe’s gastronomical capital, to bartending in some of the best cocktail bars across the globe. It’s in Australia where she first met Rob Copper the visionary and founder of St~Germain. Camille today boasts an incredibly large and influential ‘little black book’ having bartended around the world in the best bars and with the best names in the industry.

Recent years have seen Vidal start to use her voice in the industry to talk about the importance of a balanced lifestyle and what wellness and mindfulness mean for the hospitality industry. She joined forces with Tim Etherington Judge’s initiative with Healthy

Hospo at the start of 2018 and having become a qualified yoga and mediation teacher in order to better serve her new-found purpose of inspiring the industry to Drink Well, Eat Well and Live Well.

Today sees the launch of La Maison Wellness, a creative consulting agency specialising in Mindful Drinking with no & low ABV cocktails and Healthy Hedonist Lifestyle. From cocktail creation, to brand consulting, event organisations, creative workshops, La Maison Wellness is on a mission to Inspire, Educate and Create. Vidal states that “Living Mindfully doesn’t mean cutting things out of your life, it means growing the good things in your life. A healthy Hedonist is someone who celebrates life, creates their own balanced life and makes the most out of it in a mindful way, in a way that makes you feel good.”

With a wealth of experience in the global drink industry teamed with her personal passion and creativity, La Maison Wellness is fast becoming one of the most sought-after agencies in the global drinks industry for the No/Low ABV category.

Vidal explains that “Mindful Drinking is about having options for you to decide, it’s about inclusivity and empowering people to make the decisions that work for them, to help and support them to live their best life in a Healthy Hedonistic way”.

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