Gin…Olympics & British Proud
14 Aug 2012

Gin…Olympics & British Proud

The Olympics game are not yet finish and the British Proud is flying to the

14 Aug 2012

The Olympics game are not yet finish and the British Proud is flying to the sky due a remarkable performance as well a great celebration time, and when is coming to celebrate what’s better than a sip of London Dry Gin ?

While gins such as Portobello Road have been mimicking drinks of yesteryear with their retro packaging, two new gin products claim to use authentic vintage recipes too. Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin and Hammer & Sons Old English Gin are both based on historic recipes and production methods.

Meanwhile Hammer & Son’s Old English Gin is based on a rediscovered recipe from 1783 that predates London and dry variants of the spirit. Old English uses 11 botanicals and also references historic packaging design with recycled Champagne bottles, silk-printed labels and wax seals. The gin is also distilled in England’s oldest pot still in use.


Both gins tap into the demand for products that are at once stylish, but also fun and youthful despite their retro appearance. In today’s climate, premium products have to prove their quality credentials to consumers. Heritage and provenance are increasingly becoming cues to demonstrate the quality of a product.


We’ve seen tremendous growth in the high-end specialty spirits market through cocktail lounges and the underground speakeasy scene. Such establishments allow brands to sell and promote spirits in a manner quite similar to wine: ..let the quality of the product speak for itself…”



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